British administrative system in malaya

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British Administrative System in Malaya

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British Malaya

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British Military Administration (Malaya)

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-The British Governor was the chief administrator, with the centre being Kuala Lumpur. -An Executive Council and a Legislative Council was established to assist the Governor.

-The Malay rulers could only advise the Governor, while their sovereignty as rulers of their own states was wiped out. The white paper is to create a new system of administration in Malaya known as the Malayan Union. -The main objective were: To ensure that the economic interests of the British in Malaya were protected.

During the British rule, a well-ordered system of administration from United Kingdom was introduced. Under this scheme, Malaya flourished. The citizens begin to enjoy proper education at English-medium schools, initially run by mission workers.

Instead, British Malaya comprised the Straits Settlements, the Federated Malay States, and the Unfederated Malay States. Under British rule, Malaya was one of the most profitable territories of the Empire, being the world's largest producer of tin and later rubber.

TRACING THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM EARLY MALAYA The records relating to the administration of justice and the legal system of Malaysia prior to the British colonial rule in Malaya are generally scanty.

However, it is clear that in the realm of civil law, more particularly personal laws, the. The British Military Administration (BMA) was the interim administrator of British Malaya from Augustthe end of World War II, to the establishment of the Malayan Union in April The BMA was under the direct command of the Supreme Allied Commander South East Asia, Lord Louis Mountbatten.

British administrative system in malaya
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