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How does this introduction your understanding of the story?. Analysis of Southern Gothic Literature Southern Gothic literature, which is a sub-genre of the Gothic writing style, is unique to the American South.

Southern Gothic literature has many of the same aspects as Gothic literature; it focuses on topics such as death, madness, and the super natural as well has having many mystical, bizarre, violent. To sum up, the Southern Gothic tradition is a genre, or “type” of literature within the American literary canon that emphasizes the supernatural or the grotesque.

Beyond the characteristic of decay, dark forests, eerie houses, lies a common. Gothic literature has evolved over the years to include subgenres such as Southern Gothic literature, which takes place in the American South and is associated with much-beloved authors Flannery O’Conner and William Faulkner, among others.

The Gothic tradition continues today in the works of such writers as Joyce Carol Oates and Julia Elliott. Influences of the Southern Gothic, On William Faulkner’s short stories. It is a paper showing the influence of an author on a specific work.

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Southern Gothic

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Southern Gothic: A Primer

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Essays on southern gothic literature
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