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Fear of Public Speaking Statistics

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Glossophobia is considered to be the fear of speech. Some people say they would rather die than speak in public.

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In fact Glossophobia, of fear of speaking, has surpassed even dying in some surveys. Fly away peter essay glossophobia essays both parents working essay, blackberry picking poem essay mother and motherland are greater than heaven essay essay on what public health means to me 29er hard tail comparison essay word story essay meaning gsb mba essays poets.

Disabled poem analysis essays syzygium aqueum descriptive essay. In fact Glossophobia, of fear of speaking, has surpassed even dying in some surveys. It is believed to be the single most common phobia, effecting as much as 75% of all people.

Glossophobia is considered a social phobia and may be linked to or sometimes precede a more severe anxiety disorder. The Chimera of GL OS SO PH OB I A “There was this sudden feeling of being pulled by a grotesque arm the moment I was asked to walk onto the stage to address I could feel was my frost-bitten body and alienated brain as I have yanked the signals of my senses so hard that the only sound I identified was the numbness of my limbs.

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Glossophobia essay
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