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Virus Ground Zero Summary

Ground Zero was a proper sized novel with frightening imagery, disturbing content, and factual information regarding the Ebola outbreak in the town of Kikwit. I recall being disgusted quite frequently while reading, for example, when the novel described the many patients foul appearance’s once they contracted the virus/5(6).

Sep 24,  · Suzanne Berne “Ground Zero” (Reading Journal) In the essay, Ground Zero, written by Suzanne Berne, her intentions are to capture the reader with the notion that they are actually there on this trip to ground zero.

A review of the audiobook, Virus Ground Zero: Stalking the Killer Viruses with the Centers for Disease Control, By Ed Regis and read by Rob McQuay. Reviews of Large Print and Audio Books, as well as other products of interest to individuals with low vision.

About Virus Ground Zero In a destitute hospital in the crowded African city of Kikwit, townspeople, nurses, and doctors are dying of a gruesome disease at the rate of more than a dozen a day.

Virus Ground Zero Summary

Virus Ground Zero differs from other "man vs. microbe" books by presenting the CDC as a greedy ever-expanding bureaucracy that creates fear to justify its budget. By explaining how paranoia about swine flu, Ebola etc.

were unjustified, the author provides a valuable corrective to the bio-thrillers like The Hot Zone/5.

Virus ground zero essay
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