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You’ve probably seen them, those odd shaped bicycles having more in common with lawn furniture than typical bicycles. A LONG WAY FROM HOME caught my interest because it read like threee different stories surrounding three generations of women who lived on the same plantation, yet saw their world in three different ways.

Wind is air in motion. It is caused by the uneven heating of the earth’s surface by the sun. Since the earth’s surface is made of different types of land and water, it absorbs the sun’s heat at different rates.

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During the day, the air above the land heats up more quickly than the air [ ]. Gone with the Wind is a American epic historical romance film, adapted from Margaret Mitchell's novel of the same film was produced by David O.

Selznick of Selznick International Pictures and directed by Victor in the American South against the backdrop of the American Civil War and the Reconstruction era, the film tells the story of Scarlett O'Hara, the strong.

Description Essay: Winter The cold, freezing, frostbite wind that nips at your nose and fingertips carrying little snowflakes, makes all your troubles go away.

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A Long Way from Home: Connie Briscoe: Books